United States Poacher Fined for Violations of Canadian Laws While Hunting Waterfowl

Environment Canada
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EDMONTON, Alta. -- October 19, 2011 -- Jeffrey Foiles, of Pleasant Hill, Illinois, was fined a total of $14,500 today in Edmonton Provincial Court on five counts of violations against Canadian law protecting migratory birds, and one count under the Criminal Code of Canada. Foiles had pleaded guilty on September 14, 2011, to committing the violations between 2004 and 2007 while hunting waterfowl and filming a series of commercial hunting videos in Canada.
Under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, the specific counts and fines include:
•taking over the daily bag limit of geese ($4000);
•taking over the daily bag limit of ducks, ($4000);
•hunting from a moving boat or boat under power ($3000);
•failing to immediately make every reasonable effort to retrieve a migratory game bird ($1000); and
•failing, after retrieving a migratory game bird, to immediately kill the bird ($1000).
Foiles was also fined $1500 for causing unnecessary pain and suffering to a bird contrary to the Criminal Code.