Sea Duck Joint Venture Strategic Communications Plan 2015-2019

Sea Duck Joint Venture
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The mission of the Sea Duck Joint Venture(SDJV)is to promote the conservation of North American sea ducks through partnerships by providing greater knowledge
and understanding for effective management. SDJV focuses on the 15 species of North American sea ducks on their coastal water habitat for migration and wintering as well as boreal forest and tundra habitat for nesting. Since the JV’s founding in 1998, the four pillars of its work have included science, communications, funding, and conservation.

The purpose of the Strategic Communications Plan is to focus SDJV outreach and communications innovatively and strategically for the next 5 years.
This plan will be a tool to advance the SDJV Strategic Plan and the partnership. The Communication Plan will further aid the JV in meeting the “Desired
Characteristics for Species Joint Venture Partnerships” related to Communications, Education, and
Outreach (Appendix A).The plan’s implementation section and capacity recommendations will
position the JV to immediately begin “implementation” of the plan upon its completion.

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Dayer, A.A. (2015). Sea DuckJoint VentureStrategic Communications Plan 2015-2019.Available at .