Draft 2011 Pacific Flyway Data Book

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Publication Date: 

The following briefing material has been assembled for use by the Pacific Flyway Council and by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
personnel in formulating recommendations for the 2011-2012 waterfowl hunting seasons. This collection of harvest, population,
and hunter data can also serve as a desk-top reference for providing responses to inquiries from agency personnel, the media, and public.
A few points to mention with regard to the information contained in this report:
1. All harvest estimates in this report are derived entirely from the Harvest Information Program (HIP).
2. Historically, duck stamp sales have been used by many as the best index of hunter numbers by State and
Flyway. Estimating duck stamp sales is becoming increasingly problematic at this level of geographic
refinement due to consolidated reporting of sales by both the Postal Service and large vendors with outlets in
multiple States. We will no longer be presenting a table with these numbers in this report. We will distribute our
best estimate of duck stamp sales by Flyway and State as soon as this information becomes available.