Atlantic and Great Lakes Sea Duck Migration Study

Berlin, Alicia M.
Perry, Matthew C.
Therrien, Ronald E.,
Olsen, Glenn H.
Guilliand, Scott
Savard, Jean-Pierre
Petrie, Scott
Meyer, Shawn
Badzinski, Shannon
Sea Duck Joint Venture Initiative
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Canadian Wildlife Service
Long Point Waterfowl
Publication Date: 

This study is a large scale, multi-year, collaborative project that will use satellite telemetry to document annual migration patterns and habitat use. Driven by a lack of knowledge on sea duck distribution, migration patterns, and seasonal habitats used, the Sea Duck Joint Venture (SDJV) partnership has launched a large-scale satellite telemetry study of sea ducks in the Atlantic Flyway. From 2009 to 2013, about 300 transmitters will be deployed in four species: Black Scoter, Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, and Long-tailed Duck - all species of high conservation concern.

The study will address three primary topics:
Migration patterns of sea ducks in the Atlantic Flyway;•
Identify key habitats used by sea ducks throughout the year; and•
Evaluate sea duck use of offshore areas to help minimize conflict with wind • energy development.