2013 Kodiak Island Cooperative Goldeneye Nest Box Project

Zwiefelhofer, Denny
Crye, John
Alaska Dept Fish and game [nid:725] Division of Wildlife Conservation
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge
Lesnoi Corporation
U.S. Coast Guard Integrated Support Command
Publication Date: 

Occupancy rate of available nest boxes used by Barrow’s goldeneye (Bucephala islandica)
hen was 40% (total, 18 boxes) in 2013, up from 35% and 19% occupancy rates seen in 2012
and 2011, respectively. The estimated 2013 average clutch size of 7.3 eggs was also an
increase from 2012 and 2011 estimated averages of 5.7 and 6.1 eggs per nest box clutch.
During the period 6 May to 1 Aug, 2013, nest boxes placed on six different lakes along the
Kodiak road system and Karluk Lake on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge were checked by
the author(s). An additional road system nest box was placed on Caroline Lake on 4 April,
while still ice covered, raising the total number of Project boxes available in 2013 to 45 nest
The Kodiak nest box project was initiated in the spring of 2010 in an attempt to provide
additional goldeneye nesting habitat and collect basic nesting ecology information.

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